Application Development

iTvorks provides cutting-edge application development and outsourcing solutions that guarantee cost savings, we enable our clients to realise tangible benefits in their operations.

We aim to assist organisations in focusing their time and resources on activities that directly drive business success rather than spending time and money trying to maintain critical IT systems on their own. We provide consulting services to improve the efficiency of new and current systems using tried and true methodologies.

We will assist and guide you in the design and development of your apps at a lesser cost. If you're switching to a new platform, we also provide migration services to assist you with the transition.

Our Approach

Our skilled team of professionals has vast experience in all the prevailing application development approaches such as the spiral, prototype, waterfall, iterative, rapid application development, rational unified process and component based approaches among others.

We provide a wide range of services including: bespoke design, development and engineering plus product architecture. We also provide reliable support 24/7/265 including continuous tracking and notification services.