IT Consulting

iTvorks has a wide range of IT consulting solutions that are best suited for today’s enterprises facing a number of challenges such as high operating expenses, low customer loyalty and insufficient information utilization.

Our skilled team of professionals use their vast experience and knowledge to provide solutions that address the prevailing issues using tested and proven strategies.

Our main IT consulting services include: Application Portfolio Rationalization, Service Oriented Architecture, Prototype Advancement, Implementation, Testing, Business Process Management, SOX Compliance plus Offshore and Technology Consultancy among others.

Application Portfolio Rationalization:

Currently, traditional applications are a fundamental requirement for a company’s operations, which is why companies usually spend over 75% of their total expenditure on managing and maintaining applications.

It is therefore crucial to manage a company’s applications effectively in order to align its IT with its business goals and create as much business value as possible. This is because 70% of all organizational data is stored in traditional systems, according to recent market research.

At iTvorks, we track and evaluate your application portfolio from time to tie as we are convinced that simply engaging in several improvement or support projects is not enough. We believe that business and IT sections must contemplate and implement together, and always consider every asset’s maximum ownership costs and business value.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

The SOA was developed with service delivery in mind and is executed as a group of joint applications. This makes it the best option for any organization seeking to become less-rigid in realizing its dreams as a cooperative and process-minded organization.

At iTvorks, we provide a wide range of SOA advisory services that will empower you to reduce the rigidity of your business processes by re-evaluating your IT setup.

Our skilled team of professionals have vast experience and knowledge in all the leading technologies and frameworks and can therefore be trusted to provide true value for money to our clients.

Our SOA services include: leadership, execution, advancement, architecture, planning and evaluation.

Business Process Management

Organizations operating in the current highly competitive market must abide by the emerging legal constraints and acquire better leadership models so as to improve the value of their shareholders.

Enterprises that have adopted a process-centered strategy have seen major improvements in their revenue, customer royalty and more smoothness in their operations. This strategy eliminates all loose ends caused by having semi-reliable processes.

Our Business Process Management services include: process execution and process advisory services. Our services are centered around processes and rely on key performance indicators.

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance

It is very crucial for enterprises to have a reliable structure in place to ensure compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley act. Enterprises must submit their financial and internal controls documentation that cover a period of 2 years.

iTvorks has helped many enterprises across the world to become SOX compliant. We helped them identify key areas and activities that needed to be monitored from time to time. We also setup reports and notifications to alert them of their SOX compliance status.

Enterprise Architecture

In today’s market, enterprises need to carefully incorporate IT into their business in order to effectively operate and offer their products and services at competitive prices.

At iTvorks, we will help you setup a reliable enterprise-wide architecture and leadership system to enable you become flexible and reduce your expenses.

Our enterprise architecture services include: planning and evaluation, implementation, administration, leadership and reference architecture development.

Offshore Consultancy Services

The major factors influencing an organizations’ offshore programs are expenses involved, ease of reach, quality and turnaround time. In addition, organizations have realized the need to incorporate IT into their business structure so as to reduce the cost of maintaining their current systems and free resources for creating new applications.

It is also important for enterprises to consider the best possible approach for their offshore programs. At iTvorks, we have helped many companies create sustainable approaches to their offshore projects, using our vast experience and knowledge in their sector.

Our offshore consultancy services include: managing change, creating revolutionary road maps, determining key indicators and revolutionary system options and identifying the best possible offshore approach.

Technology Consultancy

Many Organizations do not have access to skilled professionals who can help them integrate better technologies into their current business structure so as to provide their customers with improved services at competitive prices.

Our panel of experts at iTvorks has been helping numerous organizations to acquire new systems to help them enjoy the benefits of new technological inventions.

Our technology consultancy services include beta, performance and usability testing, vendor filtering, technology road maps, process advisory and testing approach, product integration, solution, architecture, design and development, and prototype development.