IT Consulting

iTvorks offers a variety of IT consulting services that are ideal for today's businesses, which face a number of issues, including high operational costs, low consumer loyalty, and insufficient information utilisation.

With their enormous expertise and understanding, our team of professionals provides solutions that solve current difficulties utilising tried and true tactics.

It includes application portfolio rationalisation, SOA, prototyping and implementation, testing, business process management and SOX compliance in addition to offshore and technology consulting, to name a few.

Application Portfolio Rationalization

A company's operations cannot function without traditional programmes, which is why organisations spend over 75 percent of their entire expenditures on managing and maintaining applications.

In order to integrate IT with business goals and provide as much economic value as possible, a company's applications must be successfully managed. According to recent industry research, 70 percent of all organisational data is housed in traditional systems.

iTvorks monitors and evaluates your application portfolio on a regular basis. Every asset's maximum cost-of-ownership and value to the business must be considered and implemented jointly, according to us.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

The SOA was designed with service delivery in mind and is implemented as a collection of joint applications. A cooperative and process-oriented organisation, it is the greatest solution for any organisation that wants to become less rigid in accomplishing its dreams.

The SOA advice services we offer at iTvorks will help you minimise the rigidity of your business processes by re-evaluating your IT architecture. Contact us today to learn more.

As a result, our clients can rely on us to deliver real value for their money thanks to the considerable expertise and understanding of our highly qualified team of professionals in all There are a number of areas in which we provide SOA services including: leadership/execution, advancement, architecture, planning and evaluation.

Business Process Management

Because of the fierce competition in today's marketplace, organisations must adhere to new regulatory requirements and adopt improved leadership styles in order to increase shareholder value.

It has been seen by companies who have embraced a process-centered strategy that they have seen significant improvements in their revenue, their customer royalty, and the A semi-reliable procedure leaves a lot of room for error, and this technique .

As part of our Business Process Management services, we offer both process execution services and as a result, our services are built around procedures and rely on critical performance.

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance

When it comes to complying with the Sarbanes-Oxley act, companies must have a trustworthy structure in place. Entities will be required to provide two years of financial and internal control documents.

In the past, iTvorks has helped a number of companies become SOX compliant. To do this, we assisted in identifying essential areas and activities that need periodic monitoring. For their SOX compliance status, we additionally put up reports and notifications.

Enterprise Architecture

On the current market, businesses must properly integrate IT into their operations in order to run efficiently and offer their products and services at competitive costs.

With iTvorks, we'll help you set up a solid enterprise-wide architecture and leadership system that will allow you to become more flexible and lower your costs.

The following are some of the services we offer in the area of enterprise architecture: planning and evaluation, implementation, administration, leadership and reference architecture development.

Offshore Consultancy Services

A company's offshore projects are heavily influenced by aspects such as the cost, the ease of access, the quality, and the turn-around-time. As a result, enterprises have understood the importance of integrating IT into their business structure in order to lower the cost of maintaining their present systems and free up resources for developing new

A company's offshore programme strategy should also be considered. Because of our significant expertise and industry understanding, iTvorks has helped several firms develop sustainable approaches to their offshore projects.

Our offshore consultancy services include: managing change, creating revolutionary road maps, determining key indicators and revolutionary system options and identifying the best possible offshore approach.

Technology Consultancy

In many cases, organisations may not have access to highly skilled people that can assist them in integrating better technology into their current corporate structure in order to give their clients improved services at competitive costs.

As an example, our team at iTvorks has assisted a number of firms in acquiring new systems so that they may take advantage of the latest technology.

Our technology consultancy services include beta, performance and usability testing, vendor filtering, technology road maps, process advisory and testing approach, product integration, solution, architecture, design and development, and prototype development.